Basic Yearly Health Maintenance for Dogs

1. Yearly Vaccinations: All dogs are vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza virus and Bordetella.  These are done yearly till the age of two and a half after which it is only necessary to do the Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo every 3 years.  Duramune is the Fort Dodge 3 year vaccine and must be used for this to apply.  However, yearly vaccinations against the respiratory virus Parainfluenza and the the respiratory bacteria Bordetella are still required as immunity to these only lasts 12 months.

2. Heart Worm Prevention:  There are many alternatives for heart worm control including several monthly tablets or applications.  However, by far the cheapest and most convenient way of Heart Worm Prevention is by Yearly injection with Proheart SR/12.  The incidence of Heart Worm in the wild fox population in the Maribrynong valley is 17.5%.  Heart Worm in spread by Mosquitoes.

3. Worming with Drontal Chews or Popantel tablets:  The most significant worm by far is Hydatids because it can affect people.  The dog is the primary host of this parasite but can only pick up the infection from a dead sheep or a dead kangaroo.  Provided dogs do not run around on farms it is unlikely they will pick up the infection.  Because of this for city dogs worming every 6 months is adequate.  However, if you take your dog out onto a farm with access to a dead sheep or dead kangaroo then worm every 3 months.  Only Praziquantel treats Hydatids so it is better to always pick up your worm tablets from the Vet.  If clients give us their email address then we can send reminders so that you worm your dog every 6 months at the right time.  You also get a FREE NEWSLETTER every month.

4. Flea Control:  The emphasis here is on CONTROL.  Once you see fleas it is too late.  A female flea lays 50 eggs per day so your house and backyard will be quickly contaminated.  For most people with "flea clean premises" giving a monthly Nexgard (chewable) or Activyl (pour on) from October till March is adequate.  The main part of the Flea breeding life cycle is in spring and summer.  However, fleas can breed all year round inside where it is warm.  Our prices will be cheaper than elsewhere so do not think because you buy it from a Pet Shop or Produce Store that you will be getting it cheaper.

5. Diet :  For the best long term health of the dog feed only good quality dry food.  We recommend Eukanuba, Royal Canin or Hills Science diets.  I feed my dog Royal Canin Joint and have been very impressed with how healthy her coat looks and how mobile and active she is.  For the best advice on which particular product suits your dog ask our friendly staff.