We know you want to make sure your babies are happy and healthy before they go to your new homes. Therefore, we offer special prices for vaccination, microchipping and desexing for breeders.

Special breeder vaccination prices (minimum of four 7-8 week old puppies/kittens in the one visit)

Kittens: $45.00 consult fee plus $24.51 per kitten for the F3 vaccination.
Puppies: $45.00 consult fee plus $27.83 per puppy for the Protech C3 vaccination.
Microchipping: $45.00 each.

Please note that 24 hours notice must be provided for cancellations or a $15 fee will apply.

Special breeder desexing prices (minimum of four 6-8 week old puppies/kittens in the one visit)

Female puppies from $143.68
Male puppies from $109.00

Female kittens from $110.00
Male kittens $75.00

Call us to discuss pricing for your litter today.